The Bridge leading into Dau Tieng

This bridge was to the west of dau Tieng and

was of strategic importance to the area,

not only militarily, but commercially.

While our Company was in camp,  squads of

men from our units and others would take turns

manning that bunker that protected the bridge

from the enemy. In the background you can see the

Black Virgin (nui ba den) Mountain.

see map


  This completes the Donald evans collection

of photos that he wanted to share with his

folks back home. Donald never had the opportunity

to explain the images he caught on film to his

family. These are the details that Don

wanted you to know about, showing the exotic locale

where he served so gallantly. Today many of the men

you see in the photos survived their tour in Vietnam

because of Donald's heroic deeds while administering

to them that day in January 1967. They never

forgot him, nor will any of the men of A/2/12.


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