Ford Sam Houston, Texas

In early September, 2003, Bill Comeau, left, and Al Peckham, right, paid a visit to Fort Sam Houston during the 4th Infantry Division's annual reunion. We went on a multiple mission. First we wanted to thank Iva Winslow, the Base Chaplain's Social Director, for her invaluable aid in helping us old veterans discover not only the auditorium that was named after Donald Evans, our friend from A/2/12 1966-67, but also getting in contact with Richard Evans, his brother. A wonderful relationship was established between Richard and all the members of Alpha Association, which continues to this day.

Iva also made the connections to base personnel that allowed Al Peckham, myself and my wife Chris complete access to the auditorium for a leisurely tour of this marvelous tribute to our fallen comrade. Donald would be proud.


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Evans Auditorium


 Combat Medic Museum


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