4th Division Reunion Banquet

Fort Hood, Texas

This photo shows all the attendees who were at the 2003 reunion that were from the original Third Brigade 4th Division group that traveled to Vietnam on the Nelson M. Walker in September, 1966

left to right, Jim Olafson, A/2/12, Clyde Comer, B/2/22  (yes, I thanked him for that great drive into the enemy force at the battle of Suoi Tre that prevented a lot of bloodshed for A/2/12),  Bill Comeau, A/2/12,Norm Smith, A/2/12, Clark Hamm, B/2/12 (Clark was one of the machine gunners who had to carry that old 50 caliber machine gun through the jungle for Captain Kavinaugh) and Al Peckham, A/2/12.