25 Jan 67



Hello there,

            Howís the battle going? I understand you also have snipers in your jungle (asphalt type). What about that?

            Thanks for the girly mag and the toffee. Itís nice to look at a lot of U.S.A. skin and eat sweet things at the same time. (Ha!)                                           

            Iíve taken two rolls of 'around the base camp' pictures. They are on their way to you. There are a couple of pictures of me after our 7 day Operation. Notice how combat ready the animal looks. He should, for one hour before the picture was taken he had three shot wizz over his head.

            Please send some of the prints back so I can see what mistakes I made with the camera. Going to start taking it out in the field tomorrow. The pictures will become more interesting.  

           Wonít say much about the last few weeks because it gets too involved and not real pretty. Part of the operation was in our paper. I sent the article to Bonnie. Ask her to let you see it. What the article mentions wasnít the beginning of the Operation, nor the end.

            Iíll tell you now, this place might even rattle my cage before the year is up. Thatís the way it goes.

            Howís is every one in the manor? Is Mel excited about the oncoming of a family addition? Being stuck here in the boonies made it impossible for me to make myself a papa before you and Harvey made me an uncle again. For that I guess Iíll have to be the first Evans to be in the army, go to war, and come back still in one piece.

        Too much. This place sucks.





To view the photos that Donald took back at camp