The following letters are being archived by the AMEDD Center of History and Heritage staff located inside the AMEDD Museum. They have graciously allowed Alpha Association the

right to publish online copies of these letters for the viewing of his brothers who fought under A/2/12's guide on.

They retain control over the dissemination of this content and they may not be

reproduced for public consumption without express written permission from the facility.

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001 January 28, 1966: Early thoughts before basic training at E/2/3 training Brigade, Fort Bliss OK

002 July 17, 1966: Early period at Fort Lewis and arrival at A/2/12

003 October 5, 1966: Two weeks out on the troopship on his way to Vietnam

004 October 11, 1966: Thoughts while still on ship and off the coast of South Vietnam

005 October 14, 1966: Arrival at Bear Cat and early patrolling comments

006 November 11th and 16th: Operations lengthen, jungle rot sets in, promotion to Spec 4

007 November 25, 1966: Evans first day at Dau Tieng before A/2/12's arrival

008 December 3, 1966: Discuses monsoon season, civilian Vietcong sympathies in Dau Tieng

009 December 15, 1966:  Michelin village surrounded and Donald treats a booby trap victim/ contempt for Michelin Company 

010 December 22, 1966: Pause in the rain, mail delivery complaints, sniper incident, CMB issued to Don, Christmas

011 January 26, 1967: Returned letter written by Richard Evans for his family (envelope)    


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