Operation Junction City

Fire Support Base Gold (Battle of Suoi Tre)


 Photo 43:  This was some of the Vietcong equipment that was collected after the battle

Photo 44:  This shows one of the UH-1 helicopters that was hit by enemy fire during the original insertion at Fire Support Base Gold. After taking a hit from enemy fire it was able to return to Suoi Da before it caught fire and was destroyed. Captain Smith shown at the wreckage on the day after the insertion.

Photo 45: General Tilson, Commander of the 25th Infantry Division which our Brigade was assigned to in those days, Colonel Garth , 3rd Brigade Commander who directed the defense of Gold from the air , Lt Colonel Elliot, 2/12 Battalion Commander looking over maps after the battle to determine the correct strategy to pursue following the attack. Photo taken at the Brigade TOC.

Photo 46: Visiting military and political VIPs given a briefing at the TOC as to the results and strategy of the Battle of Suoi Tre

Photo 47: Captain Smith at the TOC, Suoi Da.  It was here that the 3rd Brigade Control Center was set up during the Battle of Suoi Tre