Arthur C. Roesler

Photo Provided by Steve Lescalleet,

who is the husband of Arthur's sister.

Steve told us that Arthur's Mom is alive and well and living in a home for the elderly.

      Arthur was one of those men who came on to fill our ranks in early Spring, 1967 when our Company was being disassembled and scattered all over the war zone. I remember seeing him around the camp and  in the jungles as we fought our way through the bamboo and vines of War Zone C. Jim Bisson was a close friend of Arthur and was with him on that day when the Company had the misfortune of walking straight into a horseshoe shaped ambush. Jim recounts how Arthur had three hand grenades tossed at him by enemy troops. He avoided the first two, which were duds, but the third one was live.

 He paid the ultimate price and will always be remembered as an honorable member of our unit.

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