John Steve McConnell Photo Page





  This first photo was taken at a Amour Studio at Fort Bragg, North Carolina early in his service in the Army







    This badly damaged photo was taken of Steve (John) McConnell while he was undergoing basic training in preparation to his trip to Fort Sam Houston, where he was  trained to serve as a Medic






     This photo was taken at Master Arts Studio, in San Antonio Texas, prior to leaving for Vietnam. It was in Sam Houston in San Antonio that he earned his Medical Corpsman Badge




This final photo was taken at Dau Tieng showing Steve in the shower area of C Company. Steve was a Medic in C Company before being transferred to A Company in the Fall of 1967. He was lost to friendly fire on November 16th, 1967 while in A/2/12. His loss is shrouded in mystery as to date no one can explain the details of his loss. We're hoping that one of the men in the Assoc. will come forward and clarify the circumstances leading to his death.

A big thanks to Randy McConnell, John's brother, for providing the photos of John for our viewing. Randy served in the Armed Services for 23 years, and is a veteran of both the Vietnam Era and Desert Storm. He dedicated his more than two decades of service to our Country to his brother.

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