Third Platoon tent area

This was Donald's tent that he shared with other men

 in the platoon he was assigned to. On the sign

attached to the tree in front of the tent

was written:

third platoon

sfc barton

SFC Eugene Barton was the Platoon Sergeant  who

not only led them in Vietnam, but also trained

them at Fort Lewis, from Basic, right through

Advanced Unit Training. Gene was there when we

arrived in December, 1965. He was serving in the Infantry

for the first time in his army career. Prior to

the A/2/12 assignment, Gene served during the Korean War

in Intelligence and after his tour in combat was in

the Armor for many years stateside, in Germany,

Alaska, and Korea. He was an exceptional

leader who took the losses of so many of  his men

very personally. today, He lives in Tacoma, Washington