25 Dec. 66


Hello Rich & Flou & Mel.,

I would start out with a Merry Christmas, but it isnít. I hope yours was and you all have a good year to come.

Got the book, ďCandyĒ you sent. That was a little while ago. Started it and finished it soon after it arrived. That book is really reaching into the depths of dirt. Then you finish the last couple of pages and realize why itís the way it is. Correct me if Iím wrong, but was represented was a dream this lady was having. A dream expected of a young girl just being exposed to the many aspects of sex and at the same time she is becoming fully mature physically. Dare say it was a hot one. The pages of the book are still being turned by different individuals.

Same routine here in Nam as before. We patrol and go on short operations. Mostly the missions are to find Charlieís supply, and were heís been hiding. The last few times out weíve received sniper fire and had no one from our battalion injured. We never catch the Charlie fighter.

Travel in and out of the sticks varies. Mostly by foot, sometimes by UH-119ís (chopper) and very seldom by truck. Anyway the dirtiest way to go is by truck. I would give an awful lot to be back in Smog Ville puttin around.

Howís Harv. and Beckyís problems? Sure hope they solve it in such a way that both are somewhat satisfied. Do you think that there will be another member in the Evans chain soon? Iíve only heard from Harv once. Guess cause I never managed to get a letter off to him.

Say do you have the trouble with the Fords that you have with the V.W.? You know free mechanical work wonít arrive for at least 9 more months and then youíll have to wait till Bonnie and I get out of hiding (Ha!). What did you expect? Your damn cars to come first? Not as long as Iím a healthy male, Evans type.

Folks, the mail service for out going package has been set up. You can start expecting little goodies, late Christmas presents and the like.

I hear Mel did a good job in the church play. Hi Mel.


So Much for now,


To the January 8th letter